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Titus - The Big Brother Doberman

Titus - The Big Brother Doberman

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Ships nationwide and all proceeds go to save the life of Titus, the best big brother!

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Titus's Backstory and why he needs the help of "Team Riley"

From Titus's Mom,

Titus just turned 7 and had previously been a healthy, active Doberman. On Monday (1/22/24) we took him to the vet for what we thought was anal glands that needed to be expressed. They sent us to UF emergency to find out he needed extensive lifesaving surgery. They quoted us 10,000 for a hernia repair that had pulled his bladder entirely through the hernia, tangled his intestines and abdomen. We didn’t hesitate to say yes even though it was much beyond our means financially. He is my baby!   

 We applied for care credit and we were approved for a little over half the surgery and split the rest amongst other credit cards. Wednesday (1/24/24) was the big day, except it took a major turn for the worse. Titus, or Teddy as my daughters call him, had severe hemorrhaging during surgery and his blood pressure dropped so low that we almost lost him. They were able to get his bleeding under control, but did not complete the surgery. He is now in the ICU and the vets told us they were concerned he wouldn't make it through the night. The following morning, they told us he did a complete 180. He didn't have any fluid in his abdomen, blood levels were stable, and he even went for walk!  

 He will need another surgery to repair his hernia, but they were able to shove his bladder back up to where it belongs as well as untangle his intestine and abdomen and place a muscle graph to hold things in place.  

In addition to the second surgery were told more devastating news. He has a very large mass within the hernia.  

We have a long road ahead. And now that he’s in the ICU receiving blood transfusions his cost for care is going to go up substantially, in addition to the future surgery. Please help save Titus 

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