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Bear - Man's Best Friend!

Bear - Man's Best Friend!

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Ships nationwide and all proceeds go to save the life of Bear, Man's Best Friend

Aroma: Very Vanilla 

Bear’s Backstory and why he needs the help of "Team Riley"

From Bears Dad:
Bear was adopted in September 2009 from the Jays Sporting Goods parking lot. He was little loner who was clearly not like his siblings and has continued to stand out ever since.
Bear spent his early years as a road dog   He road along with his Dad all over the state doing deliveries for CSI Geoturf. He loved spending his days on the road co-piloting the truck and meeting new people.

Monday January 29th Bear was trying to get all cozy and comfy at bedtime and got too close to the end of his parents’ bed. He slid face first off the bed and fell the three feet to a cement floor. The poor dude broke his left front forearm leg at the elbow.
Thursday February 1st Bear underwent surgical repair of his little elbow. He received a plate and some screws. His parents have exhausted their resources caring for him and his myriad of injuries and issues over the years. Never did they expect such a significant or expensive injury.
Bear is still full of life and has a spark and spunk that lets us know he is full of life despite his medical issues and age.  He is his Dads son and is treated with the love and care that parents give their children.
He has had several set backs but has remained such a happy loving little guy. Any help you could provide to assist us with his current medical situation would be greatly appreciated. 

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