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"Mr. Henry" The Basset's Life Saver!

"Mr. Henry" The Basset's Life Saver!

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Ships nationwide and all proceeds go to save the life of Mr. Henry...The Basset!

Aroma: Vanilla Sugar Doggie Cookie, Mr. Henry's Favorite

Mr. Henry's Backstory and why he needs the help of "Team Riley"

From Henry's Mom KayCee:
Hello, my name is KayCee I am Henry’s momma who’s currently 27 weeks pregnant and on winter layoff. Monday, January 8th Henry didn’t eat his breakfast I gave him some yogurt he ended up throwing that up with a lot of blood I immediately ran him into the emergency vet on Traverse City, Michigan. He was so scared they ran a few tests including a blood test they had to call on someone to run an ultrasound something is not okay with his insides they said abnormal findings the people running the scan couldn’t clarify exactly they didn’t want to give me wrong answers so they sent the photos out to have a specialist look at them. We got a phone call at 6 PM told That he needs do down to the emergency center at MSU Veterinary Medical Center (3 hours from home) he could be for a couple days he is in ICU and he’s under priority watch for being high risk due to an aneurysm filled with blood and he also has blood clotting by his back leg. He also is getting a CT scan, more blood testing in the morning. They have him on blood thinners now and will have to put him under sedation for the scan. After that they need to do surgery.

No idea why how is this happening. I’m a wreck Henry is by my side everyday he sleeps by me every night right now I’m in a hotel room alone these pregnancy hormones have me balling my eyes out way more then normal.I just need him to be okay. I don’t want to worry about funding I need my best friend back. His vet bill in Traverse was $1275.00 MSU needed a down payment of $2500.00 told me minimum payment would be $5500.00 if surgery happens another $7000.00 I’m currently staying in a hotel down here waiting scared alone. Im just so damn lost. Henry is my baby boy.

Mr. Henry has been with us for 3 years we picked him up on Halloween in 2020. He had a brother towmater that we lost in 2021 since then he has become attached to his momma.

Recently Henry has been even closer to me as I’m 27 weeks pregnant and he definitely knows what’s going on. Henry loves to ride in the side by side with me trail riding and even trips to the lake. When he isn’t with my husband or I he likes to go in Jeep rides with his nana and Labrador cousin Bonelli.

Henry is spunky, he’s always there to brighten your day and sleeps under the covers with his parents every night. He is the pickiest eater and only takes treats from those he’s trusted. He loves chasing squirrels and bunnies. Being outside sniffing is his favorite activity.

Henry’s aneurysm is in the cranial vena cava (big red circle) it should be the size of the aorta, which is that tiny dot/circle right underneath the spine that the red line goes though. The thrombns is the blood clot. The vets are trying to find out what they need to do in order to fix it and it is an extremely rare condition and the might new help from outside sources. I’m not sure how long this is going to take, what’s going to happen. No one knows and I just I’m not sure how to process this right now and it’s extremely hard.


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